Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Global Fashion Awards 2011 (late post)

I was head/only makeup artist for SWAROVSKI elements in the Global Fashion Awards 2011
I was super stoked to do it!
The girls were amazing and it was a success.

House of Blues Bombshells!

Life Cast!

Life cast on my older brother.


The stages of my alien Zendora...
she's getting there, soon enough she will be completely alive.
...as soon as I get a mixer lol.

Life casting...

The Process.

Life casting my uncle.
I can't wait to turn him into a different creature.
working on some sketches now!

Clowning around.

Let's go little kitty cat.

Face Painting!!!

I decided to have some fun with my mom and some glitter!
This was inspired by her tattoos. I love the way it came out.